Bottle Gourd Fruit Cycle

Bottle gourd is a cucurbitaceous summer seasonal vegetable. This post gives the pictorial flowering and fruiting cycle of the Bottle gourd. Male flower of bottle gourd (slender pedicel/stem) Female flower with ovary (swollen pedicel/stem) Bud stage of flower/fruit Flower opening Fruit set and fruit growth after pollination Growing fruit Vine tendrils for climbing/support

Patience is a Virtue

How much time can you stand in a place without moving and without saying a word? It might depend on your need. There is a bird called ” Heron ” commonly and Bakula/Bakullo (बकुल्ला/बकुल्लो) locally which can stand for hours without moving in a single place to catch its prey on water (fish/frog). There is … Read more