Fruits of Nepal: Local & Common Name

Here are some common fruits found in Nepal, along with their common and local Nepali names. 1. Apple Common Name: Apple Scientific Name: Malus domestica Family: Rosaceae Local/Nepali Name: Syau / स्याउ 2. Apricot Common Name: Apricot Scientific Name: Prunus armeniaca Family: Rosaceae Local/Nepali Name: Khurpani / खुर्पानी 3. Areca nut Common Name: Beetel nut …

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Flowers of Nepal

Here is the list of most common flowers that are found in Nepal. 1. Rose Scientific Name: Rosa spp. Common Name: Rose Nepali Name: Gulab (गुलाब) Family: Rosaceae 2. Marigold Scientific Name: Tagetes erecta Common Name: African Marigold Nepali Name: Sayapatri (सयपत्री) Family: Compositae French Marigold ( Tagetes patula) Makhamali / Swosthani phul (मखमली, स्वोस्थानी फुल) 3. Dahlia …

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Tropical Tiger Moth

The Tropical Tiger Moth, scientifically known as Asota caricae, is a stunning species of moth found in the lush tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Asota caricae boasts vibrant wings adorned with striking patterns of orange, black, and white. Its furry thorax adds to its charm, making it a visually captivating insect. These moths thrive in …

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Crown daisy

Common Name: Crown Daisy, Garland Chrysanthemum Scientific Name: Glebionis coronaria , (Chrysanthemum coronarium) Family: Asteraceae Local/Nepali Name: Godawori, gurdhauli, Gulchini It is a versatile plant, renowned for both its culinary uses and ornamental appeal. Native to the Mediterranean region, Crown Daisy has spread its influence across various cuisines and gardening landscapes worldwide. It is used …

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Kaag Tihar : Special Day for Crow

"Tihar" is second popular festival in Nepal and Nepalese societies around the world after Dashain. Tihar festival lasts for five days. Although, it is exactly at the same date as Dewali (Deepawali in Nepal) in India but it is completely different. Tihar usually falls in October or November and is often referred to as the …

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Busy schedule for pollinators

This time around in Nepal, the festival season just getting started. There are some popular flowers which are open during this festival season (managed by growers or naturally). The festival vibes come around when we see lots of bees and skipper butterfly all around busy pollinating and roaming. Here are some collections. Cosmos flower Weed …

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Divine flower: Dhatura ” धतुरो “

Datura stramonium commonly known as Dhaturo / Dhatura " धतुरो " in Nepal and India. It is scared flower for Hindu. It is known as flower of Mahadeva (Lord Shiva). Datura exceptionally hazardous as a drug and it directly causes the effects of anticholinergic syndrome, symptoms of its toxicity cited by the traditional mnemonic: "Blind as …

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Natural Painting

Dusk and Dawn photos are paintings created by the nature. The color and intensity of light during dusk make everything beautiful around it. Here are some dusk clicks which are simple and calming. Great egret couple "Bakulla" बकुल्ला Tiger Grass flower " Nepalese Broom Grass" अम्रिसो Deciduous tree in winter Bulbul bird couple: Looks just …

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Flower cycle: Chilli

Chilli also known as hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens) and Khorsani/Khursani (खुर्सानी) in Nepal, is a perennial plant that is grown in almost all parts of the world. It is mostly used to add hot and spicy flavor/taste to food. In South Asian countries, it is essential for everyday meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and eaten raw or cooked with other vegetables. It starts flowering 3/4 months after planting and can give production up to 2/3 years. Here is the sequential cycle of flowering and fruiting of chilli.