Fruits of Nepal: Local & Common Name

Here are some common fruits found in Nepal, along with their common and local Nepali names. 1. Apple Common Name: Apple Scientific Name: Malus domestica Family: Rosaceae Local/Nepali Name: Syau / स्याउ 2. Apricot Common Name: Apricot Scientific Name: Prunus armeniaca Family: Rosaceae Local/Nepali Name: Khurpani / खुर्पानी 3. Areca nut Common Name: Beetel nut …

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Flowers of Nepal

Here is the list of most common flowers that are found in Nepal. 1. Rose Scientific Name: Rosa spp. Common Name: Rose Nepali Name: Gulab (गुलाब) Family: Rosaceae 2. Marigold Scientific Name: Tagetes erecta Common Name: African Marigold Nepali Name: Sayapatri (सयपत्री) Family: Compositae French Marigold ( Tagetes patula) Makhamali / Swosthani phul (मखमली, स्वोस्थानी फुल) 3. Dahlia …

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Tropical Tiger Moth

The Tropical Tiger Moth, scientifically known as Asota caricae, is a stunning species of moth found in the lush tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Asota caricae boasts vibrant wings adorned with striking patterns of orange, black, and white. Its furry thorax adds to its charm, making it a visually captivating insect. These moths thrive in …

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