Patience is a Virtue

How much time can you stand in a place without moving and without saying a word? It might depend on your need. There is a bird called ” Heron ” commonly and Bakula/Bakullo (बकुल्ला/बकुल्लो) locally which can stand for hours without moving in a single place to catch its prey on water (fish/frog). There is a moral strota in Sanskrit also which says, ” Bako Dhyanam ” ( बको ध्यानम) meaning, we should have patience like Heron/Bakula to be successful.

” Hard work brings success but patience makes you successful ”

” To lose patience is to lose the battle”

” Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself ”

8 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue”

  1. Herons have tons more patience than I do. I have watched them with my camera, hoping to catch a pic of that moment when they catch a fish. Most of the time, I lose patience and give up on waiting any longer. Of course, only then do they decide to quickly dip their head in the water and come up with a fish. They win! ?

  2. Interesting. I have not seen this type of Heron before and probably would not have recognized it as one without someone telling me. Here in Washington State, USA, North America we have the largest in the Heron family, the Great Blue Heron. They’re really beautiful. In Florida, in the Southern US, I’ve seen the Little Blue Heron.

    Patience is not one of my virtues. Hahaha

    • These are small type heron. We have slightly bigger and white egret but they don’t have patience, always moving and hard to capture. No one can master patience, it’s human nature but you will get there one day ?

  3. Bhut Dhanyawaad. I just started trying to study Hindi again, and I loved reading bakulla and bakullo in devanagari script! I need the patience for Hindi – I felt like I failed the first time and I quit. This post is like a wonderful sign to press forward.


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