Festival vibes: How our festivals closely related to nature

Every year during October/November we celebrate two of the biggest festivals here in Nepal. They are called “Dashain” & “Tihar”. These two festivals are also marked by starting of winter season. These festivals have more values and importance in village areas where we celebrate it being present close to nature far from overwhelming crowd and modernized values of festival celebration.

African Marigold (Tagetes erecta)

African Marigold known as “Sayapatri” (सयपत्री) in Nepal, is one of the most famous flower in Nepal with its religious importance during festival time. It blooms naturally at the time of “Dashain” & “Tihar” every year.

Full Bloom Marigold

It is called “Sayapatri” in Nepali; “Saya” means “Hundred” and “Patri” means “Petals”. Its golden yellow color attracts many insects. Home garden looks fascinating when all the flowers at full bloom stage.

Butterflies are the permanent admirer of flowers with mutual benefits. They makes garden even more beautiful and peaceful. A garden without butterflies is incomplete.

Wasp Moth (Eressa angustipenna) searching for some nectar

Seeing all these insect collecting nectar from marigold, it feels like they are doing shopping for the festival.

Shopping together with your partner is fun when you both have same taste 🙂

In nature, yellow color is more attractive and can be visible from far away. Marigold develop attractive golden yellow color which attract many insects from far away.

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