Photo Story: “Four for the Friday”

Millipede Colony: “Hundreds with hundred legs”

Hundreds of millipede colonised

During rainy season you can see hundreds and thousands of small elongated insects with stripe and hundreds of legs. These insects are millipede (Diplopoda spp.). At younger age after hatching from eggs they remain in group of hundreds and thousands and move all together. They fed on plants, specially on roots where they hatch form egg and move only when there is no more food available. They take about 2 years to mature and can live up to 7-8 years. They are not that much damaging but if they die and rot, the smell would be very disturbing around the home.

Baby Spiders: “The Matriphagy Colony”

Baby spiders roaming around after hatching

Spiders can be poisonous and most of us are afraid of them. After hatching hundreds of baby spiders comes out at once and begin to move forming wave. Some of the spider fed on their own mother after coming out of egg. The movement of these hundreds of baby spiders at once through its web is quiet a scene to watch and i captured some moments of it.

Hunting Spider: “Calm and Composed Predator”

Spider feeding on common house fly

Spiders are most composed and perfect insect predator. They will form a web and fed on whatever trapped on that web. Some spiders hunt for other insects without forming web. The above spider is one of them. It catches its pray by sudden attack without forming any web. Spiders seems calm and composed when its time for hunting.

Rain, Friends and Search for Food

Group of Pigeon Searching for Food

Group of pigeon searching for grains on my front yard. Its raining heavy but they have to eat. I am amazed by the synchronicity of their movement. They come at once, fly at once and move along same direction all at once. You can see on the photo, the pattern of their movement.

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