Mantid: A Posey Predator

Mantid (Mantis religiosa) is one of the deadly predators which kills and feeds on its prey. It is often called praying mantid because it gives a prayer-like pose by folding its fore legs together while sitting. It has a pair of spiked grasping fore legs called raptorial legs. The pointy grasping forelegs help to capture and kill its prey.

Both fore and hind legs are spiked which helps to move them on any surface.

Mantids are docile-type insects that patiently wait for their prey and attack them suddenly. They have one pair of wings. If they feel unsafe they will fly away.

Mantid will give you a good pose for photography 🙂

It will greet you with a praying pose by folding both forelegs together. Mantids can turn their heads in full 180-degree rotation. They have strong jaws, which help to chew their prey alive.

Praying mantid is a beneficial insect or we call it a natural enemy or predator. It attacks the harmful insects on crops/flowers and kills them. Mantids are friends of farmers.

Female mantids sometimes eat their mates. So beware of female mantids 😀

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