Litchi Fruit Cycle

Litchi is one of the popular sub tropical fruit which has its own distinct taste and flavour. It is mostly grown in warm humid tropical and sub-tropical areas. The life cycle of litchi fruit complete within 100-120 days. Flowering starts during the spring season or just after the end of winter. Here are sequential images of litchi fruit growth from flowering to maturity. All the photos are taken by Redmi Note 8.

Day 10: Flowering starting on inflorescence
Day 11: Flower opening showing internal flower parts
Day 13: Fully opened flowers ready for pollination
Day 13: Honey bee helping in pollination
Day 15: Excessive flowering occurs in litchi, and litchi has male & hermaphrodite flowers present, most of male flowers drop after pollination
Day 19: During flower opening time, whole plants seems buzzing with honey bees
Day 21: Pollination takes around 10 days to complete
Day 23: All of the male flowers drop after pollination
Day 29: Young stage fruits
Day 36: Fruits slowly grow in size
Day 36: One of the damaging insect, Litchi bug, sucking sap from young fruit
Day 50: Fruit size increasing along with tubercles on pericarp
Day 58
Day 65
Day 70: Slight pink/red colour starts to develop on fruit during ripening stage
Day 74: Fully ripe fruits develop attractive pink/red color and the tubercles start to become flat
Day 78: Fruit cracking can be seen on mature fruit due to hot weather and micronutrient (B, Zn) deficiency

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