Flower cycle: Chilli

Chilli also known as hot pepper (Capsicum frutescens) and Khorsani/Khursani (खुर्सानी) in Nepal, is a perennial plant that is grown in almost all parts of the world. It is mostly used to add hot and spicy flavor/taste to food. In South Asian countries, it is essential for everyday meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and eaten raw or cooked with other vegetables. It starts flowering 3/4 months after planting and can give production up to 2/3 years. Here is the sequential cycle of flowering and fruiting of chilli.

First stage of flowering: flower bud start to form

Flower bud start to open

Flower petal start to show white color

Flowers start to open

Mature flower ready for pollination showing all the flower parts (sepal, petal, anther)

After pollination fruits start to develop from ovary

Bud, flower, and developing fruits all in one plant

Fruit starts to develop, increase in size/shape

Fully mature fruit before ripening

Fruits changes to red when fully ripe

Young fruit and over-ripening fruit

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