Macro World: Look closely around you

There are lots of small creatures around you. You can see them with naked eyes, but you will be amazed to see them under the macro lens or zoom lens. You only see a small creature roaming around you with your eyes, but when you capture it closely and observe the photo later, you can see the real beauty of those macro insects/objects.

Hover fly pollinating mustard flower

Hover fly (Asarkina spp.), also known as syrphid fly, drone fly is a small be like insect. It is a beneficial insect to farmers and gardeners. It helps in pollination and also fed on aphids, thrips, and scale insects.

Hover fly helps in pollination
Under macro lens you can see attractive body of hover fly
Ladybird beetle feeding on aphids

Ladybird beetle is an important beneficial insect found in nature. It directly feeds on aphids and help to minimize their damage.

Honey bee pollinating mustard flowers
Larvae taking out its excreta
Mother spider waiting for its prey

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  1. Thank you for the fascinating photos! I wrote about my garden helpers, and they include amazing ants!



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