Photo Story: “Four for the friday”

Alone Parrot Waiting For its Gang

Parrot is surely the number one pet bird around the world, but this here is a wild parrot searching for food in the city area of Nepal. Parrot is a cute and adorable creature but it is considered a problem in farming areas. A Group of more than 100+ parrots invade a farming land and cause high losses to farmers. These wild parrots cause high damage to maize/corn field and fruits like guava, papaya, Jamun, etc. In the photo, a lone parrot is separated from its group and waiting for an opportunity to rejoin them. Parrots are highly intelligent birds, so, it is hard to capture them from close range.

A Mutual Benefit Relation

Bee and flowers are the top mutual benefit relation that exists in this world. Bee extract nectar from flowers and transport pollen from one flower to another for pollination. The bright yellow color flower attracts more insects towards them which helps them in proper pollination. Nowadays high use of agrochemicals causes damage to these pollinating insects, which results in poor pollination and fruit set.

Look carefully, you might not see him but he is watching you with sharp eyes 😀

Ptyas mucosa : Oriental rat snake or Indian rat snake, locally known as Dhaman/Dhamin snake in Nepal. I call it Shy Snake because of its very shy nature. It will run away from a distance if it sees any human or other animal. It has a small slender head and runs very fast. It is always around human settlements because it loves rats. It will climb up your house or trees around you in search of a rat and bird’s nest. It is considered a nonvenomous snake and rarely bite human but it is always around us here in rural areas.

Blood Brothers Waiting for Evening Party

Four mosquitos waiting for evening time under the shade of leaf. Mosquitos are most active during the evening and morning time when there is no sunlight and less heat. They are active during the summer months but can’t withstand high heat days. So, they wait the whole day sheltering under some plant shade for the evening time.

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