Cicadas: The Forest Buzzers

Ever heard of cicadas buzzing in the forest? If not, then prepare yourself for one of the loudest and somewhat irritating buzzers of nature. We call it, “झ्याउकिरि” “Jhaukiri” here in Nepal. “Jhaukiri” means insects that produce irritating sounds. Here are some facts about cicadas.

Photos are taken by my mobile camera (Redmi Note 8) during my last encounter with cicadas up in the hills after so many years.

Male Cicada

Cicadas are found in most parts of the world, from tropical to subtropical forest areas. Their lifecycle is periodical. They remain underground for many years and emerge after 13-17 years (depends on species). They come out at once during mating time, complete mating, reproduction within a few days, and again disappear.

Ever wonder why cicadas look so happy? 😀

The irritating sound we heard is the mating call by males. The female cicadas are completely voiceless. All the male cicadas produce sound in resonance at once during the mating time to attract a mating partner. You may feel overwhelmed by all the loud irritating sounds around you if you encounter cicadas during mating time.

Band of Brothers, ready for the roar (Source: CNN)

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