On Duty Giants

I was sitting there on the Rapti riverbank, and suddenly two elephants come running across the river to the other side. The men riding on elephants are caretakers of those elephants. They are domesticated elephants and owned by the government. I heard that there has been fight going on between two rhinos inside the protected area of the national park and one rhino is dead and another is seriously injured. These elephants were going there to rescue the injured rhino and bury the dead one. Without those elephants, it would be very difficult to reach there for the rescue operation because other wild animals are roaming around. Animal right activists are against the use of animals for riding and other purposes but I think we can use them for these kinds of work by taking good care of them πŸ™‚

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  1. I was not aware people objected to riding on animals. Horse riding is very popular in Europe. I agree that the care of any domesticated animal is paramount. Amelia


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