Be(e) Kind, Be(e) Positive

Did you watched that “Bee Movie ” ? At the end part of the movie the bees find out their honey is being stolen and sold as variety of products without giving any credit to bees. They (human) even use toxic smoke during the honey extraction process. So, the bees decided to halt all activities of honey production legally after wining case against humans in the court. This not only stops honey production but also stops pollination activities. Due to which all the flowers and plants of the world start dying. At the end both bees and human realize, without bees there is no pollination, and without pollination there is no plant life (Watch the movie if you did’t watched it yet, its really interesting).

This bee movie will help you to understand the importance of bees to this world and to humans. So, this blog post is appreciation post to the amazing bees and all other insects that help in pollination and keep this world fresh and running. I captured some beautiful bees around my home. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Apis mellifera (most common honey bee found in terai region of Nepal)
Be(e) kind to delicate flower, take what you want ❀️
Taking nectar by maintaining social distancing πŸ˜€
Any flower will work, sweet nectar or not ❀️
Plan B(ee) ❀️
Rain or Sun, I will be with you forever my flower ❀️
Hold me tight ❀️
Hello there, stay safe ❀️
Sweat bee: Smaller than common bee ( Lasioglossum spp.)
Blue banded bee (Amegilla cingulata): Super fast, can disappear in a blink
Different kind of bee found around cattle shed area (attracted to dung)
Nice view around here ?
Bumble Bee (Xylocopa spp.)
Ant: I am not afraid of you big fella, go away, this is my flower ?

Thank you all. Stay safe, stay healthy πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Be(e) Kind, Be(e) Positive”

  1. I love your sweat bee with its blue bands! I hope you don’t mind me saying but that first bee you have called Apis melifera is in fact a fly – check out the short antenna and the wings. I have Carpenter bees in my garden that are very similar to yours but Carpenter bees are not bumble bees but part of the genus Xylocopa, as you have correctly noted. Bumbles are from the genus Bombus, do you have bumble bees in Nepal? Amelia

    • Thanks a lot for your comment and information πŸ™‚ . The fly (as you said) has exactly bee like abdomen, so i got confused. And yes bumble bees are different, we call carpenter bee bumble bee due to its buzzing sound :-D. Anyway, thanks for the correction. Have a good day, Be(e) safe πŸ™‚


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